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This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. May 20, Attention to specific customer demands, however, led to eight different versions offering little modularity.

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This lack of modularity created stocking problems and prevented easy changeover in the field. Key to the new line's success: Replacing the air logic and associated plumbing with electronic controls. Control components reside on a custom circuit board built into the hand tool's housing. These regulate such functions as timing and pressure assurance, and allow for activation by either a membrane trigger or an electric foot switch. For example, the timing circuit and Hall sensor help eliminate partial crimps. When the dies bottom, the sensor detects the presence of the tool's activating piston.

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The resulting al opens the jaws to release the crimped product. If a wire gage greater than the tool's crimping capability prevents full piston travel, the jaws remain locked, alerting the operator. This step is not practical in the field, where an operator may crimp to 1, terminals an hour. Compact Air Products also maximized crimping power by relocating the tool's airflow pathways.

Instead of running through the center of all three pistons, the air passes through an exterior, extruded tunnel.

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This de, combined with the reduction in pneumatic plumbing, gives the new tool a smaller, more ergonomic shape. Additional details Contact AMP Inc. Contact Compact Air Products, Inc. Harry H. His background contrasts sharply with that typical of many of today's executives, who often seem to change companies at the drop of the proverbial hat. An employee of Rogers Corp.

Birkenruth: Sales outside the United States are quite important to us, and their importance is growing. Our sales in Europe and Asia will increase as we move into the next century.

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As long as our products solve problems for our customers, and we can provide appropriate technical support, we can expect healthy sales worldwide. Q: What new markets will the EL lamps produced by your t venture with 3M penetrate? A: The outlook for Durel is excellent. Our proprietary technology gives us the ability to make a superior electroluminescent lamp for all sorts of displays.

Because this is an enabling technology, the sky is the limit on the market's size.

These lamps can fit into many, many automotive applications, information display applications, all sorts of consumer products--only the deer's imagination limits the possibilities. Q: Given the proven reliability of metals, why should engineers consider replacing metals with moldable composites?

A: Because our moldable composites can do the same jobs as metals at lower cost; in fact, they can outperform metals in most applications. Molded phenolics can cut weight, eliminate machining steps, and improve performance. In fact, they outperform thermoplastics as well as metal.

So de engineers should look at these materials because they help the engineer to come up with superior, cost-effective des. Metals are wonderful materials, but it's a new world out there, and moldable composites are just superior in many applications. A: We developed this material for high-frequency communications systems. At one time, those systems were pretty much limited to the military, but today commercial applications are growing rapidly.

The most important aspect of the RO product is that it has electrical properties nearly as good as PTFE or ceramic, yet it can be processed using standard printed-circuit fabrication techniques.

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So printed-circuit fabricators can use standard processes and equipment with this material. That's a breakthrough. And it's important to de engineers because it can reduce the cost of producing high-frequency communications devices. Q: What new materials can de engineers expect to see from Rogers during the next three or four years? A: Because we are focused on certain markets, we are very aware of the need to provide materials that the de engineer will need next.

We are continuously extending and modifying our product lines to meet the changing needs of our markets. A good example is in imaging equipment, where new developments in conductive elastomers are greatly extending the range of customized applications for Endurelastomer components.

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And an excellent example can be found in our family of urethane and silicone PORON elastomer materials. We are nearly ready to introduce several new PORON materials to meet specific automotive requirements.

If we're going to be in business five or ten years from now, we need new products. But that's not the fault of the people doing the development work; that's a management problem. We try to help our people understand the company's goals.

We don't leave them to thrash about in the dark. Hot stuff, cool solutions May 20, Heat sinks cool power packages without contact For high-power surface-mount devices, Aavid Thermal Technologies has deed a compact surface-mountable heat sink. The heat sinks work by conducting heat from the power IC's pins instead of from the IC package. Heat from the pins transfers to pc-board thermal vias, which run vertical to the board, or to a buried copper heat spreader underneath the package and parallel to the pc board.

One version of the heat sink solders on the opposite side of the pc board to conduct heat from the vias. Another solders right over the IC package to attach to the edges of the buried heat spreader. Deers would need to add at least 1. Maximum height is 0.

Price: 20 to 25 cents each in 10,unit quantities. Aavid Thermal Technologies Inc. The result: reduced package temperatures by up to 25C. T-WINGs look like small bandages, but have the sticky portion in the middle instead of on the sides. In addition to being inexpensive, they're much smaller than conventional heat sinks. A pressure-sensitive, thermally conductive silicone adhesive provides a strong bond at temperatures as high as C.

It takes less than 5 psi of force to apply them, minimizing the risk of damage to the component. Total thickness measures about 0.

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You can bend the T-WING's sides to avoid contact with other components, and even cut away sections to make room for other pc-board components. Standard sizes range from 0.

Custom configurations are also available. Chomerics Inc. Thermoelectric modules offer precision cooling Need to cool your electronics below ambient temperature or stabilize temperatures to within 0. Thermoelectric coolers TECs offer these capabilities and more.

Melcor's TECs are modular and come in more than size and power varieties.

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As direct current flows through the TEC's p-n semiconductor junctions, heat is absorbed on the cold-side ceramic plate, then pumped to the hot-side plate. Reversing the direction of current reverses the direction of the heat being pumped. The rate of cooling is determined by the amount of current, so users can easily control temperature by controlling the current supply.

The TEC transfers heat from the hot-side plate to a heat sink for dissipation to the environment.

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You can use TECs side by side to increase the amount of heat pumped. If the temperature differential between the hot and cold faces needs to be more than 60C, consider stacking the devices on top of one another in a "cascade. Small and lightweight, TECs are available in different shapes and sizes--some with center holes for feeding through wires or other hardware, for example. Since they have no moving parts, the devices are silent and reliable.

They cool quickly, even in a vacuum or weightless environment, or in any physical orientation.