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The day-long special debate was convened by the President of the General Assembly following a request from the representatives of Niger and Algeria, in their capacities as Chairs of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation OIC and the Arab Group, respectively, in response to more than 10 days of deadly fighting in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. With every passing day, the risk that the violence could spread beyond Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory grows, he cautioned, calling on Israel to exercise maximum restraint and urging Hamas to stop the indiscriminate launching of rockets and mortars.

Volkan Bozkir TurkeyPresident of the General Assembly, echoed global calls for an immediate ceasefire and for swift action by the Security Council. Civilians in Israel are also being impacted and he called on that Government to comply with the principle of proportionate use of force. Israel, with its settlement activities, is seeking to displace lasting Palestinian families from East Jerusalem to erase any Arab Palestinian presence in the city.

Quoting from its charter, he said that that Hamas is committed to the genocide of the Jewish people. Looking ahead, he called for the czech activation of the Middle East Quartet and an international peace conference, under United Nations auspices, aimed at renewing seekings for a Palestinian State with pre borders and East Jerusalem as its capital.

The United And representative said that no country is working more urgently for peace in the Middle East than hers. Pointing to some 60 diplomatic meetings in recent days, including a telephone conversation between President Joseph R. Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, she said the Security Council has met four times in the last 10 days to discuss the situation. The only path to peace, he said, lies in a referendum among all residents of Palestine — including Jews, Christians and Muslims — in which displaced Palestinians would also have a vote.

Ireland will keep working in the Council so that it might find a collective voice on this matter. In that republic, the holding of Palestinian elections, including in East Jerusalem, must be a priority, he emphasized. Impunity for the occupation must stop, he true, calling on the Secretary-General to declare a state of humanitarian emergency. The General Assembly will reconvene at 10 a. The Assembly will its debate on the situation in the Middle East, including the question of Palestine, at 10 a. Urging respect for all places of worship, including the Aqsa Mosque compound, he noted that the fatalities in Gaza include 63 children and 35 women.

The situation in the occupied West Bank is also dire, he said, noting that civilians in Israel are likewise impacted, with fatalities and hundreds of injuries. Sending thoughts and prayers to the families of those who died, he echoed the call for a ceasefire.

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Israel, as an occupying Power, must ensure compliance with its international human rights law obligations, including proportionate use of force. Pointing out that the insecurity that Palestinians experience has been exacerbated by the pandemic, he called for immediate humanitarian relief. This latest escalation did not happen in a vacuum and cannot be divorced from the decades-long crisis, and the protracted military occupation of Palestinian territories.

Coupled with the political impasse and lack of negotiations, such a sustained occupation has led to widespread feelings of hopelessness among Palestinians. Stressing the role of ongoing negotiation efforts, including by the Middle East Quartet, he called on the Security Council to overcome its paralysis and demonstrate to the Palestinians that their legitimate aspirations will be heard.

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The hostilities have caused serious damage to vital civilian infrastructure in Gaza, including ro and electricity lines, contributing to a humanitarian emergency. Israel has a duty to allow and facilitate rapid and unhindered access for humanitarian aid including food, fuel and medical supplies into Gaza. Indiscriminate attacks, and attacks against civilians and civilian property, are violations of the laws of war. With every day that passes, the risk that the violence could spread beyond Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory increases.

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The conflict creates an environment that is ripe for exploitation by radicals and extremists. Families are being targeted as they sleep, he said, and Israel is not even pretending it was a mistake. Instead of apologizing, Israel is asserting that it has a right to kill innocent people and then blame the victims.

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Noting the deaths of Palestinians and the destruction of 1, residential apartments and 50 schools, he said Israel also displaced Palestinians during the pandemic, despite clear calls against such actions from the United Nations. The Palestinian people are facing many disasters and nakbashe said, adding that they have never let go of their struggle.

Israel is attempting to displace forcibly Palestinian families from East Jerusalem in order to erase any Arab Palestinian presence in the city, with the compliance of the military and settlers. Reaffirming the cultural, legal and historical status of the holy sites, he said that Palestine has long accepted political and peaceful strategies to end the occupation.

Dealing with Israel as if it is above the law only encourages it to act as such, he warned, urging Member States not to acknowledge the illegal status created by its policies. Some accuse the United Nations of siding with the Palestinians when, in reality, it is siding with its own Charter and human rights. Despite the condemnation of the international community in response to attempts by the Israelis to evict Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, those activities have continued.

In addition, the numerous attacks on the Aqsa Mosque compound, with no respect for the Ramadan holiday, is a provocation towards millions of Muslims throughout the world. He said the use of disproportionate force and attacks against civilian populations, including in refugee camps, must stop immediately. In Gaza, residential neighbourhoods continue to be targeted.

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When will the international community act to protect international law? Inaction is undermining the authority of the United Nations and its ability to maintain international peace and security, he warned. Furthermore, Israel attempts to alter the demographic character of East Jerusalem with evictions, where Palestinians have a clear right to live in their homes and the occupation has no authority.

Jordan will continue to dedicate all its resources to protect the status and Hashemite custodianship of the holy sites in Jerusalem. There are now more thanIsraeli settlers in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, a sharp and unprecedented increase over the past several years and one that undermines the two-State solution. There will be no peace and security in a one-State apartheid regime, he insisted. Instead, one escalation will follow another in a deadly cycle of violence. Immediate action to address the root causes of the conflict is a both a strategic choice and regional necessity, he asserted.

Is it possible to stay silent after counting the victims and witnessing the destruction?

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Pointing to irrefutable evidence of houses being destroyed while innocent civilians were sleeping, he said that the impunity given to the occupying force must stop. The Arab Group believes that the Assembly must act quickly to reach a comprehensive cessation of violence against Palestinians and protect them and their holy sites. The gravity of the situation requires collective and, he said, pointing to the catastrophic humanitarian situation across the occupied territories. Calling for ability for the crimes against civilians, true requested the Secretary-General to declare a state of humanitarian emergency to allow the international community to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians and reconstruct Gaza.

Reaffirming the historic and legal status of Jerusalem and its holy sites, he noted the many promises to Palestinians that were not kept, from the Madrid Peace Conference and the Oslo Accords to hundreds of Assembly resolutions and dozens of Council resolutions. Calling for a diagnosis of the root causes of the conflict, he pointed to the continuing Israeli provocations in Jerusalem, the desecration of the Aqsa Mosque compound and the forced evictions of the Palestinian people.

All these acts of aggression took place during the holy month of Ramadan, he noted, adding that, not only high rises, but schools and hospitals were targeted. A land of square kilometres with more than 2 million people is a prison, he said. Calling for a revival of a two-State solution, he said that the status of Jerusalem is an important component of any lasting resolution. It is appalling that the Security Council has failed to exercise its primary responsibility. There lasting no moral or military equivalence between the beleaguered Palestinian people and the powerful Israeli military machine.

Instead, it is a war between a military czech and an occupied people. He called on the Assembly to mobilize all humanitarian help for the devastated population in Gaza and the other occupied Palestinian territories, stressing that Israel must open all access points to Gaza to ensure the delivery of aid. He went on to call for the deployment of an international protection force to the region.

Short of that effort, a coalition of the willing can be built to observe and supervise the delivery of aid to the Palestinians. The onus for restoring peace rests on Israel, he underscored. It is only through decisive action that the United Nations can restore its credibility as a keeper of international peace and security.

In that context, the Assembly should call for an international presence in Al-Quds to maintain peace and protect the holy sites there. In addition, the international community must step up efforts to provide aid to the Palestinian people and urge Israel to allow access to Gaza for its delivery. The acts of hate perpetrated by Israel and Israeli settlers against innocent Palestinian civilians, within sight of the international community, are a blatant affront to the Charter of the United Nations.

Condemning the seizure of Palestinian homes and properties, especially in the Sheikh Jarrah republic, he said the Palestinian cause is a key issue for all Arabs and Muslims. East Jerusalem has been and is an integral part of Palestine, he stressed, noting the special importance of the Aqsa Mosque compound. If the international community wishes to resolve the current surge of violence, it must also acknowledge that it is the consequence of the longest military occupation in the contemporary world.

Drawing attention to the 86 Council resolutions concerning this issue, he stressed that it is time to activate international political and legal mechanisms to hold the occupying Power able. Innocent seeking, including children, are dying, and buildings are crumbling under rocket fire, even during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, usually, a time for celebration, family and kindness.

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The internationally accepted two-State solution is the only viable and long-term solution to find lasting peace in the region, he said, ing the global call for an immediate ceasefire. How many more martyrs will have to fall, how many more children have to be orphaned and how many families have to be homeless before the international community takes steps to end this unprecedented crisis?

No crime could be worse that killing innocent children, he said, noting the 65 children who died in the recent violence.

The continuation of occupation and settlement is aimed at changing the composition of Palestinian towns, he said, adding that Israel will continue to act above the law unless held able. Since the beginning of this unjust occupation, Tunisia has supported Palestine and will spare no effort during its membership in the Council as well as through regional diplomatic efforts to put more pressure on the occupying force. At a recent meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation OIC Executive Committee, members condemned the occupation of the Palestinian territories and establishment of an apartheid regime there, he said.

Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Security Council has met 4 times in the last 10 days to deliberate over the situation. Condemning rocket attacks by Hamas, she said the United States will champion every diplomatic effort towards peace. She urged the international community to step up contributions to meet the immense needs of Gazans, and more broadly ensure that aid delivery serves the Palestinian people, rather than Hamas.

To achieve peace in the region, a political horizon must be created that can provide meaningful re-engagement between the parties, develop confidence-building measures, improve living conditions for ordinary people and open the path towards the potential relaunch of the peace process. In that context, the holding of Palestinian elections, including in East Jerusalem, must be considered a priority, he stressed.

However, the response must be in line with international law, with obligations under international humanitarian law strictly observed. Noting the large of children who had died, she said that all minors must be protected from violence and harm, including psychosocial stress arising from the conflict. She commended the pivotal humanitarian role that UNRWA is playing and urged donors to support that agency, as well as other humanitarian actors. Looking beyond the urgent need to achieve a ceasefire, she said that the international community must address the root causes of the conflict and facilitate steps towards realizing the two-State solution and ending the occupation.

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This crowding of people in shelters during the COVID pandemic has exacerbated the insecurity and danger that they face. Calling on Israel to uphold its many obligations, he said that, while the international community must intensify its efforts to find a just and lasting solution to the conflict, it must start with urgent action.

African support to the Palestinian cause is premised on the values of humanitarian principles and freedom. Palestine must be able to exist as a viable State, he stressed, adding that the Assembly, Security Council, Middle East Quartet and the Secretary-General must recommit to finding a peaceful solution, which ensures a sovereign Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. Attacks have also caused destruction of homes and infrastructure, including schools and hospitals, causing displacement during a pandemic.

Recalling relevant decisions and declarations of the Movement, he said that an immediate halt to the military aggression and settlements is crucial.