Day five of YBR started with guest speaker

After free afternoon and with new energy we have entered the day five of the “Yellow brick road” training course. We had a guest in first session, guest speaker Cedomir Glavas who is peace activist in...Read More

Intercultural learning on “Yellow Brick Road” – Day four

Intercultural day it was. We have explored the concept of intercultural learning through and Aliens exercise. Second session was dedicated to intercultural understanding. We have started with brainsto...Read More

Day three of YBR – Time to go deeper in the topic of peace

It was time to go deeper in the topic of peace. We have started by exploring war and peace concepts and using short videos followed by self-reflection and sharing in small groups. Later, the timeline ...Read More

#TCYBR – Day two

Day two was all about prejudices, hate speech and stereotypes, at least the morning part was. We did the Prejudice train: exercise involving discrimination and hate speech after which we have discusse...Read More

TC “Yellow Brick Road” kicked off!

Day one is always interesting and exciting. Everyone has safely arrived to village of Donji Zalukovik, near Vlasenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the training course was ready to start. On the beginni...Read More

Day seven – Future steps and evaluation

On the last day of the training course, we have talked about and planned concrete future steps which will include multiplication workshops in participants communities. Then, we have reflected on learn...Read More

On day six, it was turn on participants to apply the learned stuff

On this day we have connected all previous parts of the training: Non-formal education, values, and how learning leads to social change (connection of NFE and social change). Then, it was turn on part...Read More

Methods, Facilitation skills and Group were main topics of day five

We have started the fifth day of this training course with designing a training; flow of the training and training sessions. Than training methodology and methods were on the list- difference between ...Read More

Day four: Continuation and some rest

On day four we have been going through certain conflict situation which are possible to happen during the non-formal educational activity. We talked about conflicts in the group and conflict managemen...Read More

Day three was all about learning and training essentials

On day three we discusses what is learning; how do we learn and what is our motivation or motivation of others to learn? We talked about Experiential learning, Learning styles and Developing competenc...Read More

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