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Secure driver's s and identification documents are a vital component of a holistic national security strategy. Law enforcement must be able to rely on government-issued identification documents and know that the bearer of such a document is who he or she claims to be. For more information on the legislation, you can go to www.

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Starting May 3,you will need to have a or ID with the Star — showing it is an Idaho REAL ID, or another accepted form of identification, such as a passport, to fly commercially or access a federal facility, national laboratory or military base.

It is not entered into a national database. Some U. The only difference is access. Both allow you to legally drive and prove your identity for tasks like buying alcohol, obtaining social services, banking services or registering to vote.

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Starting May 3,a Star Card lets you fly commercially or enter a federal building, national laboratory, or military base. A temporary foreign national issued a one-year driver's or ID card may renew the driver's or ID card at the end of the one-year period, with proof of continued lawful status. Getting a Star Card does not affect anything related to driving tests or abilities. It is focused only on identity security and verification. Not unless you are required to complete a test for another reason.

It is not necessary to take a test to simply get a Star Card. You can add the Star any time before May 3, Idahoans will not be required to present a Star Card for federal official purposes until May 3, A Star Card driver's or ID card is not mandatoryand some people may find they do not need one if they have a passport or other form of acceptable ID or if they do not plan to fly commercially or enter a federal facility. Do you fly on commercial aircraft?

Do you need to access a federal facility federal courthouse or military base? If the answer is yes, you should consider adding the Star. If you have another form of federal identification you can use for these purposes, such as a valid U. Currently, minor children under the age of 18 who are flying with their parents do not need a Star Card to fly.

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Unaccompanied minors who wish to fly commercially will need a Star Card. Minors that are current driver's or ID card holders have the same choice as existing card holders and can obtain a compliant card by following the same process. Getting a Star Card is your choice. You will need documents such as a birth certificate, social security card, utility bills, or mortgage statement to verify: Your identity Your Social Security Your Idaho residency Go to " Add the Star " to identify the exact documents you will need.

All applicants must provide proof of identity; date of birth; Social Security ; Idaho residence; and lawful status or presence in the United States.

Frequently asked questions

Your documents will be scanned and stored in secure Idaho DMV servers for 10 years. Original copies will be returned to you after processing. Your picture will be stored in a secure Idaho DMV server for 10 years and will be used to prevent fraudulent credentials created with your personal information. The Star Card is now available in Idaho.

You will just have to provide the additional documentation required to get a Star Card. It just cannot be used for flying commercially or entering a federal facility such as a military base.

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May 3,is just the date federal officials may begin checking for compliant cards. It is not a deadline for obtaining a compliant card. You can use a passport or other approved documents to fly or enter a federal building or military base.

Currently, other acceptable identification documents include: U. No federal agencies have yet issued any guidance on how they will screen applicants after May 3, The Idaho Transportation Department will update this information as guidance or information becomes available. Even after May 3,your driver's will remain valid for all lawful driving purposes.

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What difference does the Star Card make? What is the deadline for getting a Star Card? Who needs a Star Card?

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Is this true? What difference does the Star make? Will a Star Card be valid for a different length of time than one that is not marked? Are those available with the Star? Because permits are deed to be temporary, they will not be issued with a Star. Is there a deadline for getting the Star Card? Do children need a Star Card to fly?

What if I am a minor and I want a Star Card to drive? How to get a Star Card.

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How do I get a Star Card? What will happen to my required documents when I bring them to the DMV? When should I get a Star Card?

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What is the cost of a Star Card? What if I change my mind? Choosing not to get a Star Card. What other documents can I use if I choose not to get a Star Card? What will happen if I do not have a Star Card after May 3,and I attempt to board a commercial aircraft, access a federal facility, national laboratory, or military base that requires identification to enter, or enter a nuclear power plant?

Can I still drive if I have a valid Idaho driver's that does not add the Star?