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Mature married dating in Hejokeresztur

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It would be great to find someone who's financially stable, generous, and giving. I enjoy the beauty of breast,any size,any shapes, 35 and older. Put domination in the subject line to weed out spam I hie a car so i can drive us around and pick you up whenever you need too. Can't sleep feeling horney attractive white female looking to have some fun.

Name: Ulrike
Age: 49

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I have now put aside male fashion, shopping, beards, and any sugar, which men have been recently gifted, for a while. As of today, I am going to take Hungarian guys and their attitude towards relationships and marriage, under my loupe.

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As you know, I am living in Budapest for nearly 4 years, and I am a very good observer. After numerous conversations with my Hungarian and foreigner friends, I came to the conclusion that guys here are extremely spoiled. Sounds crazy? Well, a couple of days ago I hung out with my Hungarian friend in one of the hippest areas in Budapest, where we both spotted a lot of handsome guys, but they were so busy to talk to their male friends, that even, if Irina Shayk will pass them by, the would not react.

I logged in to one of the common dating portals, I chose as a location Budapest and within 6 hours I received 55 private messages all from Hungarian guyspeople marked they want to meet me and I even received some ridiculous awards — for the hottest and most viewed person that day. Worth to mention that my popularity on this dating portal went from very low to very high — within hours only!

My popularity among Hungarian guys really amused me because so far, none of them approached me in a real world and I swear to God, I ed my real photo there without any photoshop! That day, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. What opportunity?

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There are hundreds of girls out there looking for their soul mates, and you are wasting your time here, as you want to increase your chances? I think I should finally start learning Hungarian! So as you see, we have very horny boys out there, who are even able to write sexual poems, still, I did not receive a clear answer, what the hell are all you men doing there?

Another theory I heard regarding Hungarian guys being immature and not ready for relationships, is due to the fact that they love to call their mums almost every day. There was another really Hejokeresztur opinion, that Hungarian guys have some sort of Turkish influence and they like to rule over a woman. I would love to be a guinea pig, in this case!. I rarely see anybody here who is getting married, however, datings would not mind having.

Not really sure what is a bigger responsibility — just a wife, or a girlfriend with two kids?? Maybe there is some serious reason, which can explain your behavior or maybe a woman should have a different approach towards you? Let me know, I am really curious and 2 million other woman as well.

Hi Spoiled Queen! I am really glad that somebody You brought this topic up. Why do we switch roles? Why the guys expect us to take the married step? Men have been created to hunt originally, so why should women take this brilliant role away from men? Guys, put your shoes and hats on, and go out on the mature air and start hunting!

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You will be amazed by the success! This is what mmakes man a real man! Women like strong partners who work for them hard not just waiting for the fried chicken to fall from the sky! Moms leave your sons to breathe, and kick them out to start living!

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I live in London and met a lot of immature men who are just looking to get laid and purposely hide their real intentions and will tell you anything to win you. He was surprised I declined his offer.

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Ladies, stop being so easy in going to bed with men. They should be worthy of your attention and care. Make them be proper gentlemen with class. Sadly in this day and age women are too accessible and they are taught to be that way to be attractive. As a result some Men are no longer challenged and cowardly choose the easy approach to get laid without having to do much. Being a Hungarian man myself, 37 and well only half Hungarian, I do see similarities to how they have been described and how I see myself behaving.

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It seems as though there are many Hungarian inventors. I like to think of myself as a successful smart Hungarian. I even have my name on a US patent. That being said, perhaps what goes on in my head, is similar to the typical Hungarian. I have usually been the anti social type. Recognizing this, I have strived to not be this person. Let me tell you how quickly I can over think a situation, like approaching a woman for example.

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I can easily make it the hardest thing to do. I created fear in myself. Now, the other part of me outside of women is very focused and concerned about the world around me.

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Whatever it may be, wrapping myself around things so tightly creates a person that has a difficult time socially. By the way, I am an engineer by trade. I find that so many Hungarians are bitter about the history of the country.

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The way my cousin speaks to me, its like he always has something to complain about. The Hungarian language also has so many colorful ways to swear and express this grief. I think you combine this stuff and you end up with a group of men that would rather complain to each other about shit and politics than meet a pretty girl.

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I for one would not want to be that person — thank Jebus for my other half! It looks like it will be a walk in the park for me if I decide to visit Hungary and go out meeting women! Thank you for that! As a Hungarian guy, 36years old with 2 degrees, having a flat, car, nicely paying IT job,etc. No, we do not want to get merried. We do not look forward to marrying anyone in general.

There can be several individual reasons for how we end up where we are but here is my view on the situation. Hungarian girls are either nuts or bitches and none of these are welcome in my life. I do not date single moms.

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The girls left can be still fat or simply ugly and believe me, I tried it twice to go for an unatractive chick just because I felt guilt for not being attracted to such a loving, clever, cute and devotely sucking girl but it always ended up in a kind of catastroph. My dislike went into repulsion and disgust which they simply did not deserve at all so I ended up with an even bigger guilt.

On the girls that are left in the pot are mostly dumb as hell, honestly. You cannot imagine how stupid and rediculous these girls here can be.

And if they are not dumb there is an abysmal chance that they held more dicks in their mouth than lollipops. If I fall into such a trap there can be no return later on so I have to be careful. On the other hand if you just fuck around you can keep all your chances, choices, options in your own hand. I pefer also hookers who tend to have real perfect bodies, are yet even more clean from STDs than Hungarian chicks and finally I can get in the bed what I want, what I pay for.

In case of a simple Hungarian girl you will never! That is the horrible truth.

Hungarian guys don’t want to get married (?)

They simply use you, your money, their pussies in their favor. And let me finish with an odd statement.

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Hungarian chicks are just self-entitled so if i ever plan to get merried, I will chose a foreign chick from the eastern countries where they are more feminine, humble, submissive and slim. I am absolutely happy if all Hungarian women simply stand up and move away.

Anywhere, if it makes them happy. For us there is an inexhaustible resupply of women who just want to get a cis-white-European male husband and become an old fashioned, quiet, caring, traditional wife. Is there too a plenty of cis-white-educated-property owning males who want to share the half of their wealth with a potentially obese, narcissistic, arrogant, feminist, entitled woman?

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A better question would be how many foreign women out there who would be willing to married potentially obese, narcissistic, arrogant, misogynist entitled man and less likely to live longer? Or perhaps some people here might be happier if the future of hungarians will be paternal genetically replaced by foreign material? Sure why not? The supply is endless. Perhaps you should convinced the govt to just let them in?

I actually agree with you, the supply is endless. However there is a major difference: women tend to be extremely picky. They only accept switching up which can be meant for the power, wealth, skin color, location,etc. Men on the other side simply prefer youth and beauty. So the question can be translated this way: which of the following provides bigger supplies, what women desire all around the world OR what men desire and is kept regenerated all the time: new young women?

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Also it worth asking which of the following tends to vanish with bigger chance and as time goes by: beauty or welth? So whatever you consider on yourself desirable it will be gone for sure but me? As I am getting older I just get more wealth, more power, better position, more experience,etc.